First-class international hotel standard

The "Leading Family Hotels & Resorts" not only provide luxury family vacation for families or singles with children and babies. They also offer first-class international hotel standards adjusted to the needs of families. They make every effort to fulfill the special needs and wishes of guest families. Our family hotels guarantee top quality, which as you can imagine is a challenge!

Well, our family hotels have risen to that challenge. Guests expect a first-class service that far outreaches a normal 4-star service. The service staff of the "Leading Family Hotels & Resorts" is very personal and child-friendly. A relaxing atmosphere and high quality amenities await you in our exclusive children’s hotels.

The family suites of our member hotels are equipped in the upmost luxury. They provide generous bed and living rooms for the parents and separate children’s rooms. At our luxury suites every imaginable comfort awaits you: a private sauna, whirlpool and flat screen in the bath room as well as free internet access. 

Break from everyday life for parents

The "Leading Family Hotels & Resorts" aim to make your family vacation a unique experience. Our child-friendly luxury hotels provide not only many offers for children, but also a unique all-inclusive service. Our professional supervisors take care of your children in different age-groups. Take a precious time-out as parents and enjoy some time with your partner on your family vacation. Or simply spend relaxing moments being on your own.

Enjoy a delightful and romantic candle-light dinner with your partner or spend moments of pleasure and relaxation in our charming spa areas. Feel free to take a time-out from your parental responsibilities without having any bad conscience!