Golfing vacation at the "Leading Family Hotels & Resorts"

The "Leading Family Hotels & Resorts" are exclusive 4-star family hotels and provide many leisure and sports offers for their guests.

Several children’s hotels provide special golf offers. In most of the family hotels of "Leading Family" you have access to exclusive golf courses near your hotel. Our hotel’s own golf instructors offer intensive training and help you improve your technique (putting, chipping, pitching etc.).

The children’s hotels of "Leading Family Hotels & Resorts" also offer special golf courses for children with lots of fun. Children and teens can learn the principles of golf in a playful way and we occasionally offer children’s courses for beginners. The golf courses are adjusted to the needs of children aged 6 and over and they allow beginners as well as advanced children to learn the basic golf techniques in a playful way.

Golfing in the most charming natural landscapes of Austria and South Tyrol (Italy)

Play golf on the sunny side of the "Zugspitze" at the hotel Alpenrose, the children’s hotel in the holiday region Tyrol Zugspitze Arena. The ‘Leading Family Hotel & Resort’ provides its own golf school as well as a modern indoor golf course at the hotel. A newly built golf course with all modern amenities is situated next to the family hotel and invites you to golf with a breathtaking view of the "Zugspitze". Qualified golf pros are at your disposal and help you to improve your handicap. Many golf course offers can be booked in advance, from courses for beginners to intensive courses. Guests of the children’s hotel Alpenrose don’t have to worry about bad weather: the newly built indoor golf course can be used in any weather.